Suisse Normande

Pont d'Ouilly



We should confess it at once: Pont d'Ouilly is our favorite place in Suisse normande. This quiet and charming village has a lot to offer: outstanding food shops, Sunday morning market around the lovely old market hall, little hotels and so on.

For the visitor, most interesting things in Pont d'Ouilly revolve around the Orne river, that flows through the village: kayak, pedal boat, swimming, walking... Every Sunday afternoon in summer, a very popular open air dancing takes place, also on the riverside.



Above Pont d'Ouilly, the Saint-Roch chapel, built on a high point overlooking the hills, is the center of a big traditional pilgrimage, on the first Sunday after August 15.
Pont d'Ouilly also organises two big feasts a year, on Whit Monday and on the last Sunday in October for an Apple Festival.

Office du Tourisme:
Grande Rue - 14690 Pont d'Ouilly
02 31 69 29 86 (May to September) or 02 31 69 80 20 (All year long, Town Hall)
All informations about practising sports in Pont d'Ouilly can be found on the Internet.

There is also an excellent website devoted to the village, its news and its history, including loads of vintage postcards.

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