Suisse Normande

Accomodation and Food


The Orne River in Pont d'Ouilly

The three main towns in Suisse Normande are Thury-Harcourt, Clécy and Pont d'Ouilly. Each of them has places to stay while visiting the area.


Many small hotels, cottages, camping grounds and bed and breakfasts are available. They are seldom fully booked, even in summer.

Information can be provided by the tourist offices:

Thury-Harcourt: 2 place Saint-Sauveur - 14220 Thury-Harcourt
33 2 31 79 70 45

Clécy: Place du Tripot - 14570 Clécy
33 2 31 69 79 95

Pont d'Ouilly: Grande Rue - 14690 Pont d'Ouilly
33 2 31 69 29 86 or 33 2 31 69 39 54 (from November to April)

One upscale hotel:

Hostellerie du Moulin du Vey, Clécy
33 2 31 69 27 45   

A nice cottage for rent:

Les Isles d'Ouilly
Located away from the main road, close to Pont d'Ouilly, this charming traditional house, including two bedrooms, can accomodate six people. Three "épis" from the Gîtes de France.
Jean-Pierre Allain
33 1 45 80 09 10


The food in Suisse Normande is quite exceptional! Le Moulin du Vey we just mentioned enjoys a lovely setting with a large terrace overlooking the river. One caveat, though: the food lacks originality and is slightly overpriced.

Our favourite place: the Relais du Commerce, in Pont d’Ouilly. This traditional restaurant run by the chef Jérôme Benet provides excellent food based on local products. Go for the “Terroir & patrimoine” menu (27,50 Euros) with a surprising “Norman tart” which includes “andouille”, apple and Camembert cheese, for a starter, and hake fish as a main dish. The 35 Euros menu is quite enjoyable too, specially the grilled beef with Camembert sauce. Tel: 02 31 69 80 16 (tested in summer 2015). 

Much simpler but very nice with a great quality/price ratio: La Roche d'Oëtre in the touristic centre bearing the same name, with an extremely reasonably priced 17 Euros menu. Tel: 02 31 09 12 09 (tested in summer 2015).

A nice place to have tea after a long walk through the hills: the restaurant-café La Gavotine. Located in the charming village of Saint Omer, on the top of the cliffs of Clécy, this welcoming café offers a choice of pastries and ice creams. At mealtime, huge salads and set plates are available. The food is not specifically "normande" but it is very good and the plates are big enough to fill up the most starving ramblers! The range of desserts includes chocolate cake, banana split and so on. Prices range between 8 to 19 euros for a plate and 5 to 7 euros for a dessert.
La Gavotine, 14220 Saint Omer
Tel: 02 31 69 77 83 

If you like pizzas and pancakes, in Pont d'Ouilly again, you can choose between a welcoming casual pizzeria, right in the village centre, Chez Marcello, 02 31 69 49 26 and L'Océane, on the river, in front of the Kayak club, 02 31 67 88 41. It offers a large range of pancakes, salads and desserts. The setting is very nice and you can rent a canoe in summer.  

Among the many restaurants in Falaise, La fine fourchette, opposite the Château de la Fresnaye, is quite well known. The food is sophisticated indeed but be ready for a very slow service. Tel: 02 31 90 08 59 (tested in summer 2015).


Very high quality food can usually be found in the local shops. Another unforgettable experience is a stroll through the open air markets in the nearby cities of Falaise (every Saturday morning) and Condé sur Noireau (Thursday morning): fruits and vegetables from the kitchen gardens, cheeses sold by the dairy farmers in the area, seafood coming directly from the Norman coast, livestock...