Suisse Normande





Suisse Normande is a tiny part of Normandy in the northern half of France. It straddles the Orne and Calvados districts, south of the river Seine (see map). Its name comes from the river Orne which flows across the area, digging gorges and cliffs, and thus creating spectacular landscapes.

Among this lush, ever-changing scenery, all sorts of buildings can be found - houses, farms, churches - , which look more like the dark granite dwellings of Brittany than the half-timber houses of the nearby Pays d'Auge.

The people living in this land of cattle breeding and traditional agriculture have succeeded in keeping a peaceful way of life, quite different from the hectic pace of the Normandy seaside resorts.

This part of France that we know and love, we present to you in images - pictures, watercolours, paintings. We also give you many practical tips to find a place to stay and enjoy the food, organise your visits and your outdoor activities, and find all sorts of useful informations.

We also provide a section covering the main Towns and villages of Suisse normande, such as Pont d'Ouilly, Clécy, Thury-Harcourt and Falaise.

To top it all, we also suggest you read our short story (in French).

In short, an invitation to discover this land which, we hope, will entice you!