Suisse Normande

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Unless stated otherwise, those sites are in French


Comité régional de tourisme de Normandie

Large site with many informations in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and even Esperanto!

Directory of sites about the Calvados shire.

Same thing for the Orne shire.

Communauté de communes de la Suisse normande

Official site of this grouping of Suisse Normande villages.



Interesting site collecting informations about leisure activities in the Calvados shire.


City of Falaise

Many informations about this beautiful city, William the Conqueror's birthplace, and its surroundings.


Pont d'Ouilly

Very attractive site with many vintage postcards.


La Suisse normande, géologie et paysage

A very technical site about the geological phenomenon which formed the Suisse Normande landscape.



Comprehensive site about this little town at the heart of Suisse Normande.